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Who are WeatherWalay?

WeatherWalay is a registered company working towards a "state-of-the-art" weather forecasting system in Pakistan. The WeatherWalay team is working hard to address Pakistan's problems related to weather. This will help many businesses across Pakistan to improve their productivity and profitability. The WeatherWalay nowcasts and forecasts are significantly improved to help the public and businesses to make timely and accurate predictions through weather data analysis.

Automated Weather Stations (AWS)

AWS is the key to answering people's questions and concerns related to weather.

Hyper-local Precise Weather

Pakistan climate can vary considerably depending on your location. This climatic change has affected the economy of businesses and the general public. AWS is the solution to the problem. They help us give you the correct weather information and accurate weather forecasts based on your current location.

Accurate Weather Forecasts

Other countries have managed to bring 95% accuracy in weather forecasts. Unfortunately, the lack of technology and data points in Pakistan reduces the current weather forecast accuracy to a mere 60%. By implementing AWS, people will have the luxury to get nearly accurate results in weather forecasts based on their location.

Early Warning System

It is always good to know what is coming in your way. Be it a hailstorm or extreme heatwave, AWS can help us get you prepared for any foreseeable natural disaster.

Planning Instruments

Automated Weather Stations (AWS) help us to make better decisions. They help us achieve our vision of becoming a reliable source of day-to-day planning activities and weather-related disaster management. This will significantly improve the productivity of Pakistan in numerous sectors.


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