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Here, we lay down general terms of using the WeatherWalay app. WeatherWalay is a product of switch solutions which aims to take weather services to the next level and improve the lifestyle of people. By installing our weather stations, we are on our way to more accurate data, which results in better weather predictions. Terms of use describe the rules to be followed and outline the legal rights. Moreover, they explain our rights when you use the services. Also, please read our privacy policy or other documents referred to in terms of use. This is a legal agreement between you and WeatherWalay. Please read carefully because the terms of use govern your access to our services. We allow you to use our services only if you have read the agreement and agree to be bound by it. If you disagree with the terms of use, you are not granted permission to use our services.

Weatherwalay Services

WeatherWalay provides services about weather and also other weather-related services. Other benefits include IOS and android WeatherWalay app, WeatherWalay website, real-time AQI, live weather reporting, weather on the way, AR mode, temperature map, conventional services like SMS, USSD, and IVR. A detailed description is provided on the WeatherWalay website. If you use any of our services, access our data, or subscribe and register with us, you are bound to accept the terms of use. Apart from terms of use, your agreement includes any rights and obligations referred to in terms of use and any additional terms governing different aspects of our service. If there is a conflict between terms of use and additional terms, the additional terms will prevail. Future changes in the agreement is also a part of the agreement. The current version of the agreement can be found on our website. When you register to use our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the agreement. Moreover, you agree to accept to be bound by the agreement. If you do not accept the terms, you may not use our services.

User Account

Possibly you are required to register before using our application or services. Unless agreed explicitly by WeatherWalay, each registration is for a single user only. Before using the WeatherWalay application, it may also require some authorizations like user names and passwords. You are bound to keep your credentials confidential and not disclose them to any third party unless you have explicit permission from WeatherWalay. You agree to undertake complete responsibility regarding your use of our services and safeguarding your credentials. You shall instantly notify WeatherWalay in case of suspicion regarding the credentials.

Our Paid and Free Services

A complete description of our services and an explanation of their features available for our registered users is available on our website. The central part of the services we provide is not free of charge. The services that do not require payment are mentioned as 'free services', and the services that require payment before you can use them are mentioned as 'paid services'. Free services are not available for now. We may frequently offer third-party services, but we will not be responsible for their services and products. We hold the right to modify, amend or terminate the services offered, and we can also change the plan and cost as per terms of use.

Subscriptions, One-Time Purchases Price Changes

You may purchase a service directly or through a third party, but you have to pay the subscription fee in advance for a fixed recurring interval; however, you can make a one-time purchase only. If you purchase through a third party, you are bound to acknowledge separate terms with them. The mode of payment and time duration is dependent on the subscribed service. When you subscribe to a service, you automatically authorize WeatherWalay to charge you over the specific recurring interval until the user cancels that service. WeatherWalay may change the price for the paid service if necessary. A new fee will be charged at the start of the next recurring interval for the users who have already subscribed to the service. If you keep using the service after the latest price comes into effect, you automatically accept the new price for that subscribed service. WeatherWalay will notify you before the price change either by themselves or through a third party. If you do not accept the price changes, you can unsubscribe to the service at the end of the current recurring period.

Subscription Renewal and Cancellation

Your subscription will automatically renew after the subscription period unless you cancel it before the end of the current subscription period. If you purchased the service through a third party, you must cancel it according to their terms and conditions. The service cancellation will be in effect from the last day of the current subscription period. If you cancel the subscription before the end of the subscription period ends, there will be no refund from our side.

Maintenance of Paid Service

We will exert reasonable efforts in improving our services. However, we are not obligated to upgrade or update any of our services. We may change any content from time to time and partially or entirely discontinue the paid service.

Legal Requirements

To use our service, you must be older than 13 years unless the law of your country states otherwise. Information provided at the time of registration must be complete, authentic, and genuine. You must agree to keep it up to date.

Permission to use

Services and content are the property of WeatherWalay and our business partners. We grant you limited permission to use our services and content. Still, authorisation shall remain in effect unless terminated by you or WeatherWalay. You must agree that our content and service will be for personal use only and will not be shared with any third party. However, our content and services can be used to generate value-added benefits. We remain the owners of our software and applications, and no ownership is transferred to you. Domain names, logos, trademarks, trade names and any other service or content is the sole property of WeatherWalay. You agree to abide by the rules in these agreements, and we grant no right or little regarding the ownership of our content or services.

Third-Party Services

Our services may be combined with the third-party services, and these third parties are governed by their terms and conditions and policies. We have no involvement in the terms and conditions of these third parties.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are considered misuse of our services and may lead to the termination: 1. Constant scanning or downloading of a large amount of content. 2. Using automated means to gather information from our service 3. Leasing, renting and selling any part of our content or service. 4. Sharing the service with the third party by providing your user name and password or forwarding the content. 5. Or any activity that conflicts with the terms of use

Limited Liability of WeatherWalay for Content

You acknowledge that all the content provided in our service is not ours, and our suppliers offer it. We depend on that data for processing and interpreting our content. As we have limited control over the supplied content, we cannot be held responsible for the content provided by our suppliers

User Content

Our users are allowed to upload content into our service in the form of information, pictures, text, messages, and other types of content. Responsibility of the user content solely lies on the user, and WeatherWalay cannot be held accountable for the content provided by the user. You acknowledge undertaking all the legal requirements regarding the content you upload to the service. However, you own the right to contribute content to our service. WeatherWalay has no obligation to manage, monitor or control the user content. Moreover, we hold the right to remove or disable access to any user content without stating any reason to the user.

Prohibited Content

You may not contribute any user content to our service that: 1. Contains the content that is offensive, threatening, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, or obscene. 2. It is illegal or promotes any unlawful act, including violating intellectual property or privacy rights. 3. That includes a virus or any other means of interference with our service. 4. Includes references, links or otherwise promotes other products and services unless authorised by WeatherWalay.

Use of the Services and Content Visualisation by Users and Media Publishers

Our subscribers can use our visualisations, animations, data, information, or content for their personal use, like documentaries, blog posts, web pages, projects, or TV shows. However, they must reference our website or any other service from where the content is used. Moreover, they are bound to put or logo on the content they use. We allow our content to be shared on social media platforms; however, for personal use, you need to email us and seek explicit permission from WeatherWalay. We reserve the right to revoke the privileges at any time without stating the reasons to the user.

Conditions of use

Permission to use our content is subjected to the following conditions: 1. Attribution. If any content from our services is used, you are bound to put our logo on the content; furthermore, the reference to our website must also be mentioned. 2. Fair use. Use of our content must be appropriate, and it must not cause harm to our service or reputation. 3. No modification. You cannot modify the visualisation, but we allow some adjustments like scaling in your media.

Special Provisions for the Use of Individual Features and Formats

Screenshot, video and animated GIFs. can be used for personal use, but it cannot be changed considerably. But you are bound to put references and logos on our content for personal use.

Warranty Disclaimer

You acknowledge that services are available on 'as is' basis, and there is no warranty on completeness or accuracy. At this moment, Any warranty is excluded to the fullest extent. We do not guarantee the availability, functionality or quality of the service. Neither do we ensure that the information provided through our service is up to date. Moreover, WeatherWalay does not endorse or guarantee any content through a third party. The user can not use advice or information from WeatherWalay in writing or oral to claim any warranty.

Exemption From Liability

WeatherWalay will not be obliged to compensate for any losses, damage or expenses. You agree that WeatherWalay are exempted from liability or any content provided by the third party in connection to our services. You agree that you will have to unsubscribe from our services in case of dissatisfaction.


You agree that WeatherWalay is not responsible for compensating the harm or losses of any kind, including: 1. Breach of the terms of use. 2. User content posted to our service. 3. Activities you engage in through our service 4. Your law violation or third party rights.

Term and termination

The agreement will exist unless terminated by WeatherWalay or the user. However, you have to agree that permission granted for user content is irreversible and therefore continue after the termination of the agreement. WeatherWalay may terminate the agreement or dismiss the permission to use the service at any time. If: 1. Actual or suspected unauthorized use of the service. 2. We withdraw the service or the content. 3. Non-agreement with our terms of use. Suppose WeatherWalay, or you terminate the subscription or WeatherWalay suspends the permission to use the service for any reason. In that case, we will not be liable for any refunds. You have the right to stop using or terminate our services at any time.

Contact, Electronic Communication

If any questions arise regarding the services or agreements, you can contact us through email at You agree that we may notify or provide information regarding our service and user account use. These notifications may include information about the charges, transactional information or other information about WeatherWalay services. These electronic communications are part of WeatherWalay services; therefore, you agree that any notices, agreements or disclosures we sent will meet the legal requirements.

Data Collection and Updates

You agree to allow WeatherWalay to collect specific information regarding your service, including; mobile device information, operating software, navigation feature utilisation and personal information. If you subscribe to location-based services, you allow WeatherWalay to collect your precise location. You allow WeatherWalay to locate, record, compile and display your location. WeatherWalay may share this information with third parties. Moreover, you agree and permit that any part of our service will update and upgrade to enhance the service. Any refusal to the update or upgrade may affect the service's performance.

Events Beyond Weatherwalay Control

WeatherWalay can not be held responsible for the failure in power and communication. Nor can we be held accountable in the events like riots, natural disasters, terrorism, war or other events beyond our control.


We welcome your feedback about our services and any suggestions regarding the improvement in our services. But you have to make sure that such feedback does not violate the rights of WeatherWalay or a concerned third party. However, you have the right to convey the feedback and enable WeatherWalay to use your feedback. In addition, WeatherWalay has to consider any relevant, applicable and feasible feedback from you.

Final Provisions

Unless explicitly agreed upon in writing between you and WeatherWalay, the agreement constitutes all the terms and conditions, surpassing all the prior agreements. Separate agreements may be conducted between you and WeatherWalay for certain services. Failure to enforce the agreement doesn't waive WeatherWalay's right to do so. Apart from special circumstances, the agreement is only intended to give WeatherWalay and the user rights. Furthermore, rights are not subject to the consent of any third party. Nothing in terms of use shall affect your statutory rights as a consumer. We hold the right to amend the terms of use at any time without notifying the user or mentioning reasons. It is the responsibility of the user to check for updates in terms of use periodically. Your continued use of the service will be considered as the acceptance of any change in terms of use.


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