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Weather Zoning in Pakistan

Zoning is dividing a region into different zones based on the climate. Each zone represents areas with similar precipitation, temperature, and microclimate over a given elevation. For example, our team has divided Pakistan into numerous climatic zones based on multi-satellite rainfall estimates, already published interpolation maps, sparse data of rain gauges, private and public, and personal observation of the microclimate.


AWS Deployment

Our team of weather experts and scientists conducted a pilot test in the twin cities of Pakistan. As of date, we have deployed 25 Automated Weather Stations (AWS) and achieved an accuracy of 95% in weather forecasts. Operations to deploy AWS in the Pothohar region have commenced. We aim to deploy up to 1000 AWS in the long run. We are making the giant leap towards achieving accurate weather nowcasts and forecasts for you.

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Achieving Accurate Weather Forecast

With the help of data points and weather stations in terms of climatic zones in Pakistan, we can make accurate weather forecasts by collecting weather-related data. By accessing a widespread network of data points, Pakistan as an economy can deal with the effects of climate change efficiently, thus protecting itself from annual losses of billions of rupees. To achieve 95% accuracy in weather forecasts and 100% accuracy in weather nowcasts data points and weather stations are a must.

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